Magento – User guide Auguria Interactive Image EN

An areas management on a product image. The areas are linked to another products.

1   Summary

This extension allow you to display an image on a product page. Areas will be defined et linked to another products.

2   Features

2.1   Handled by the extension

  • Possibility to define an image by product.
  • The areas are manageable by product.
  • Listing of the linked products associated to the areas.
  • Mass add for the listed products.
  • Tooltip hovering the areas.
  • Only list the "in stock" products.

3   Setup

No particular manupulation to do.

Creation of a product attribute :

  • auguria_interactiveimage_image

5   Back office

Menu > catalog > Manage products

  • On the product edit page : tab "Interactive Image".
Upload the image then save the product. The button for editing the areas appears.
Click the button. A popin containing the image is displayed. The areas are created with the mouse : click->move->release. Once the area created, an edition bloc appears on the right menu.

The SKU link the area to a product.An option allow you or not to highlight the area on front.

6   Front office

On the product page, under the product caracteristics.

When hover the area, a tooltip is displayed with the product informations (name/sku/price)
A click on the area add the product to the cart
The products can be added massively thanks to the grid.
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